About me

Rather late people may think, but here she is. Psst,  don´t mind age and wrinkles! Lilofee is young and beautiful as you might confirm in her performances. Hope you enjoy!

Born and raised in Germany, in her young years she headed for artistic and musical  experiences which she abandoned after starting her university studies in Germany and England.

During many fruitful years in Spain, professionally dedicated to research and applied anthropology, she frequently had close contact to musical phenomena and its actors. She is specially involved into questions of cultural (inmaterial) heritage.

Now she launches herself after some years of preparation fully into the music scene. Equipped with a particular coloured voice and instruments, she is looking forward to step many stages.

Amateur she has always been, but this is serious now: Actually the research of repertoirs, vocal and instrumental training as well as rehearsals are essential parts of her daily routine.

She is on stage since 2014, solo artist and as part of Möbius Sounds and Sweet Winds, with various programs. See her musical projects.