International Songs and Ballads (with Sweet Winds)

The program offers a short glance into the world of mainly European oral tradition, where subjects and melodies move around centuries and large territories.


Love and hate, past and present, life and death, longing and disgust, prison and freedom, sea and countryside, travel and remain, rely and treason are some of the universal subjects these ballads deal with. And its protagonists are many kinds of persons and personalities (of natural and supernatural nature) relevant to be sung about from the Middle Ages until present times. There seem to exist certain similarities to the program of German songs and ballads, but this program opens broader physical and cognitive spaces.

Here we listen to songs and ballads about knights, kings, queens, trolls, werewolves, decided and undecided lovers, prisoners, princesses, betraying wives, widows, dreamers, fiddlers, mourners, sailors and their love, medieval noblemen, ecological disasters, fishmongers, railway workers, gypsies, soothsayers, betrayed lovers, drunkards, pirates, neighbors, brides, mermaids, lamia and some heroes…

Needless to say that the repertoire is interpreted in several languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Bask, Catalan, Portuguese, Swedish  and Hungarian (at the moment).

For information about the programs and thematic concerts offered by Sweet Winds, please consult the group’s website here.