Oktoberfest Songs and Music

The Oktoberfest program not only concerns a particular music and animation event as such but has a much broader approach. Its origin is the Munich festival of 1811, installed as popular festival in the outskirts of the town repeating part of the festivities organized in order to celebrate the wedding of the king ov Baviera in 1810. Such as we know it, with the big booths of the beer breweries and the structered events around it, is fixed more or less at the end of the 19th century, and since the 1950ies without great changes.

However, nowadays it is celebrated all over the world, in terms of a festival arround the conviviality and drinking.

We do offer the following:  our program not only contains typical celebration songs but also others with  reference of content. According to the composition of the audience and the stage places (pubs, wine cellars, private party, concert hall and so on) the program also refers to the general subject of drinking and conviviality in its specific terms, historical and contemporary. The program might be either German or international (almost only European languages and topics), and is composed of songs about friendship, drinking, places of drinking, typical drinking events and its contexts. Diversion is the goal!

Lilofee sings and both she and Raphaël play guitar, they play some other minor instruments and – count sometimes with  the accompaniment of a third musician (accordeon, piano).

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