This website is the personal site of the German singer and musician Lilofee. She presents her background and several of her unique and original show programs. She is specialized in ballads and songs with several repertoires and performing in various constellations, in several languages. The image sliders aim to illustrate these programs. Media examples (audio, video) give impressions about her artistic work.

There is also technical information for booking and the PRESS KIT for promotion purposes.

At the same time, this site provides manners of contacting her (whether by common means such as phone, e-mail, or by various social media) directly or by “Rübezahl Productions” which produces her and other German musicians and artists…

In order to facilitate the access of international audience, in the first hand the texts are written in English language. The use of Google translator (localized on the right side menu of the pages and above each text or at the footer menu at the bottom of all the web) should make communication easier. She begs your pardon for the quality of the “basic” automatic translations which work better in the case of some languages (German, French and Bask) than in case of others. She hopes to change soon the translation system to WPML (with checked translations).

On some pages you can find documentation ready to download (PDF) in various languages (English, German, Spanish, French).

Hope you enjoy and … to see you perhaps at some moment?