German traditional and folk songs always have raised her  attention. Actively practiced in her proper life (early schooldays, performing in the late 70s and early 80s at the end of folk revival, later at home singing children´s songs to her little ones and last not least participating in private singing and jam sessions) she recently returned to them in a different manner.

Criteria of content and (musical) quality predominate in the selection of the titles of the  program.

The aim is to offer a broad and surprising performace of songs and ballads as part of German cultural heritage, moving along the history, subjects, musical styles and between dialects as well. And, of course, it pretends to be agreeable and audible…

So there are certainly some renowned persons and beings (the existence of many of them has been proven) to be sung about.

Thus, let us listen to the stories of knights, troubadours, trolls, mountain spirits, the devil, drunkards, pirates, murderers, mermaids, princesses, lovers, kings, brides, rebels, prophets, soldiers, prisoners, neighbors, sailors, ambulant musicians, orphans and the death himself!

You can download the corresponding flyer of the program in several languages:

Deutsche Lieder und Balladen (de)

German songs and ballads (en)

Chansons et ballades allemands (fr)

Canciones y baladas alemanas (es)

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